newbie looking for a little bulb growing info

Justin Smith
Fri, 18 Jul 2008 18:30:10 PDT
Hello,  I am fairly new to this list and with winter growing bulbs from south africa. I would like to ask if anyone could spare a little wisdom with me. I am disabled and taking care of the many small bulbs in lots of small pots is getting me down. I was thinking of making a raised bed and letting nature take its course. I live in Woodville, Tx. That small speck on your map of Texas that looks more like a printing error. Zone 8b, but just a few miles from 9a. 
I was thinking that a raised bed would be easier to maintain. I hope that most of the winter growing bulbs that I have (mainly glads and moraea) would do well enough. We do get some summer rains but a raised bed would be easy to cover. 
Any thoughts on the subject? 
Thanks for any ideas,
Justin Smith
Woodville, TX (home to both alophia drummondii and herbertia lahue) :)
zone 8b
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