storage of summer dormant bulbs

Juliet Leigh
Tue, 08 Jul 2008 22:50:19 PDT
Hi Jim etal,
This is Juliet in NZ. I have found it almost impossible to keep Frit. 
imperiallis out of the ground for more than a  week or so, even stored at a 
temp. controlled 15C.  However, the small frits (accompetalla, 
camschatcensis, pontica etc) will keep well for a couple of months or so at 
15C in a plastic bag with a tiny amount of just-dampened spagnum moss with 
(In Northland, where in the depths of a drear, damp winter, the hyacinths 
are blooming bounteously.)
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> Jim McK. asked,
> Don't take this as advice. I'm really just fishing for
>>responses here: what do the rest of you do [to store dormant bulbs out of
>>the ground]?
> When I lift them for repotting, I take the surplus ones that I'll offer in
> my sale list and put them in paper bags. At Costco you can buy big stacks
> of the type of brown paper bag used to wrap bottles of wine, and these are
> a handy size for bulbs too. For the frit bulbs and others that are
> vulnerable to desiccation, I add a handful or two of vermiculite, just
> barely, faintly moistened. My feeling is the the vermiculite will absorb
> any excess moisture present, or provide a little moisture to the bulbs if
> they need it. Then I set the bags, loosely closed at the top, in a
> heavy-duty flat, and set these flats on my table. I write the name of the
> bulbs with a big marker at the top and alphabetize them, so I can run
> through them quickly when filling orders. I keep them in a room that is 
> dim
> and cool (my dining room, so indoor dinner parties are impossible in
> August!). Atmospheric humidity is typically very low here during that 
> time.
> Jane McGary
> Northwestern Oregon, USA
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