Pot Sizes, was Re: storage of summer dormant bulbs

David Nicholson d.avensis@virgin.net
Wed, 09 Jul 2008 13:01:30 PDT
I think it should be said, in spite our (loosely termed!) Government and the 
European Economic Community that here in the UK we still understand, and nay 
use, good old feet and inches and although Jim's gallon translates to 
0.83267384 of our gallons, we use those as well. Most of us still buy both 
milk, and far more importantly, beer in pints and wouldn't recognise a litre 
if it kicked us in the teeth. Long may it continue and even longer may it 
irk politicians!

David Nicholson
in Devon UK    Zone 9b

Having just completed re-potting all my bulbs and now worrying where to put 
them away from our abnormal July monsoon!

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