Scented Crinum xpowellii ??

Thu, 17 Jul 2008 11:45:40 PDT
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Subject: [pbs] Scented Crinum xpowellii ??

> Are there many nicely scented Hardy Crinum?
> Can anyone suggest some well scented hardy Crinum?
>Jim W.

I am currently enjoying two Crinums hardy in zone 7b (and colder zones depending). 

One is 'Cecil Houdyshel', a tetraploid powellii-type, with blooms very similar to the common x powellii, but a bit larger with fuller tepals. The scent is very pleasant and stronger than the common form, though I haven't noticed it carrying across the garden.

The other is 'Elizabeth Traub'. It has a wonderful, complex fragrance (and great wine red-rose color!) When they first open, there is a delicate vanilla fragrance that I don't smell on the second day, but the scent is just as pleasing.


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