Crinum x powellii

James Waddick
Mon, 21 Jul 2008 15:08:44 PDT
Dear Arnold and all,
	I consider Crinum x powellii an 'entry level drug' for 
northern gardeners and I am very happy to hear of your success, 

	The "Commercial/Dutch' (C/D)strain I have grown for decades 
and am still amazed at its size, vigor hardiness and bloom-ability. I 
highly recommend it for anyone who doesn't "believe".
	The flowers can be short lived individually especially in the 
heat of summer, but the bulbs produce up to 4 or 5 scapes each and 
with a dozen and more flowers per scape the impact is terrific.
	And after giving hundreds of pounds of bulbs and dug hundreds 
more, I feel it is one of the least garden worthy of the hardy 
crinums. Alas.

	I still have a ton of bulbs and a few large plantings with 
dozen of stalks in bloom right now, but the flowers are (compared to 
other xpowellii clones and other hardy Crinum)  inferior in too many 

	The petals are narrow and the flowers do not open widely. The 
color is less than 'special'.

	Now that you have been infected, time to go on to others. The 
most available clone that I feel is superior is the C/D of C. x 
powellii alba = this is a whole different critter. The petals are 
wide, the flowers large and well formed, the other characteristics 
are great.…

	Another slightly better pink  than the typical C/D clone is 
'Cecil Houdyshell". It is slightly richer and opens wider.…

	Even better is 'Nestor's pink opening still wider and with 
wider petals.

	But I am more and more convinced that the real leap is to 
another level and that is "Super Ellen' a cross between "Ellen 
Bousantquet' which is not reliably hardy for me and C. bulbispermum. 
The results are exceptional.…

	Though it may be a bit big for many gardens it is worthy of 
the space. The flowers are 'splendid', numerous, huge and "magnetic".

	I grow a few other x powellii from various sources some even 
worse than the typical C/D strain - it's got to go.

	So now is a god time to look over the catalogs and order a 
few more. Save your pennies for 'Super Ellen' - and a prominent spot 
in the garden, too.

		Best		Jim W.

>I know  Jim Waddick likes to hear about what his bulbs donated to the BX
>are doing so I thought I would provide a bit of an update.

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