Japanese "yams"

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Mon, 14 Jul 2008 21:21:00 PDT
Dear Tsuh Yang,
	I think Diane gave a good answer.
	This is a fascinating subject of identifying ethnic food 
items.  I often go to local markets and search out the ID for a 
variety of 'geophytes' from Yautia (Xanthosma,a tuberous Aroid) to 
Yams (Dioscorea) and even some odd alliums such as Chinerse pickled 
leeks (not related to Western Leeks). And my current mystery 'purple 
flesh yams, actually a sweet potato which is of course  a morning 
glory (Ipomea) .

	The Oxford Book of EdiblePlants is a constant reference, but 
bogs down at the truly exotic.

	Took me years to figure out what Sichuan  Vegetable really is !

	And then there's the Gansu (China) edible Lilies (Lilium 
davidii) and a host of other bulbous and tuberous edibles.

	Another side of bulb fascination.

			Best		JIm W.

>this is a bit off-topic, since we are veering into cuisine now, but 
>i was wondering if anyone knows what species are the following 
>japanese edible yams: yama-imo and tororo.  i think these are both 
>Dioscoreas, is that correct?  has anyone tasted them?

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