Arum from Sicily

Robert Hamilton
Thu, 17 Jul 2008 04:16:27 PDT
Hi  Pieter,

I flipped  through  "The   Genus  Arum"  by  Peter  Boyce  ,which   
has  distribution maps , and  I  didnt  see  any Arum species  that   
grow in Sicily  .  It  appears  that  Arum italicum  is  not  native  
to  Italy  either.

I  have   found  that  sowing Arum  seeds  is  best  left  until   
autumn . An  earlier  sowing  will often cause germination to  be   
delayed  by   12 months. Its  not a  genus  that  enjoys   living in  
a  pot  so  I  generally transplant  seedlings  to the  garden after   
2  years  of  growth.


Rob in  Tasmania

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