Alan Horstmann
Mon, 07 Jul 2008 03:28:07 PDT
Hello Alberto,
In the annual IBSA Bulletin of October 2002 ( Bulletin No 51 ) Dee Snijman wrote a comprehensive article on the Winter-growing species of Brunsvigia. According to the article a total of 17 species are recognized.
The Winter-growing species are : Brunsvigia bosmaniae, B comptonii, B elandsmontana, B gregaria, B herrei, B josephinae, B litoralis, B marginata, B namaquana, B orientalis, B pulchra, B radula and B striata.
The Summer-growing species are : Brunsvigia grandiflora, B natalensis, B radulosa and B undulata.
At present I am also aware of 3 species, all Winter-flowering, that have not been described or sunk into known species. The first one is a small plant with small smooth leaves found on the Northern edge of the Knersvlakte. John Manning found this plant and brought seed back to Cape Town that I am growing on for him. Not flowering size yet.
The second one is another small plant with small smooth leaves found on 2 hillsides north of Loeriesfontein. The soil, the elevation and surrounding vegetation is totally different to that found on the Knersvlakte. Both Gordon Summerfield and I are growing this one and it flowers regularly in our collections.
The third undescribed Brunsvigia is one that Gordon Summerfield found in the Springbok vicinity. He feels it is unrelated to the previous 2 discussed here. I have not seen this plant.
The following plants have been sunk into other species: B minor and B appendiculata.
I hope this helps you Alberto.
Alan Horstmann 

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