Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katherinae

Diana Chapman
Thu, 31 Jul 2008 13:46:45 PDT
Thank you, Susan!  I have fun writing it.  My main purpose in starting the 
blog was to give more information than I can on the web site, so when I have 
detailed information plus photos I can refer people to it.  Also, to try to 
counteract the impression that I broker bulbs, or that I have rows of 
employees sitting at computers with headsets, and to try to make it a little 
less impersonal.  Glad you enjoy it.

Telos Rare Bulbs

Diana, I enjoy the photos and stories on your blog very much, although I 
forget to check in unless you remind us. I just backtracked to the possum in 
the house story, it was great! Thanks for the blog and beautiful photos, 
I've learned a lot.

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