Notholirion thomsonianum was Ornithogalum dubium et al.
Wed, 04 Jun 2008 17:20:58 PDT
Thanks for noting that this used to be Ornithogalum dubium.  Interestingly
enough, with the name change my bulb disappeared.  Perhaps it resented being
	Shirley Meneice

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Jim McK. wrote,
>Notholirion thomsonianum is now dormant for the summer. It's in its third
>season here but has never bloomed. I feed it gently, but it seems to make
>difference: suggestions, anyone?

This is a monocarpic bulb that makes many small offsets. If Jim got it from 
me, I probably sent a bulb that would take two to three years to flower. I 
also sell very small offsets that take about 5 years to mature. It flowers 
best if kept quite dry in summer. I grow it both in the bulb frame and in a 
sand bed that is not watered in summer (it rarely rains here in midsummer), 
and it flowers in both places. Patience is the key, and not disturbing it 
too often.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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