Changing the Subject

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 06 Jun 2008 07:39:16 PDT

I think it is really helpful when people change the subject line when they 
are in essence starting a new thread. Some of us (I'm guilty I know) write 
about more than one subject in our posts. If you are reporting on blooms in 
your garden for example, the subject line would be too long to mention all 
the plants you might be discussing. I'm wondering if when you are 
responding to a previous message and responding to just a part of it, if it 
wouldn't be simpler just to change the subject heading to the new subject 
instead of referring to the previous post in your heading and then in your 
post explain what you are responding to. Jane included the portion of Jim's 
message she was responding to in her message so if you read her whole post 
you wouldn't be confused.

There are times when I agree that including a portion of the previous 
message is really helpful.

Mary Sue

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