Crinum; Update; Odd Season

James Waddick
Sun, 15 Jun 2008 11:52:25 PDT
Dear all,
	It has been an odd bloom season with most plants 10 days to 2 
weeks later than usual due to cool spring weather and extended rains. 
So far Crinum bulbispermum has started to bloom and some plants are 
on 2nd and 3rd stalks. I am sure they love all this extra 
precipitation. No sign of stalks yet on xpowellii hybrids.
	Crinum 'Snow Queen' and  C. macowanni in pots have started, 
too. There's plenty others still waiting.

	We have had a LOT of rain and this is has not only delayed 
bloom, but delayed dormancy. Daffodils are very slow to go dormant 
and many spring bulbs still have green foliage.

	Temperatures have been below 90 and humidity very high; 
atypical, if such a thing exists any more.

	I am eager to dig some dormant bulbs, but they either are not 
yet dormant or the ground is too wet to dig. Frustration!

		best	Jim W.
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