Crinum Blooming

Mon, 09 Jun 2008 07:02:45 PDT
Thanks for the information Jim.

Here in hot, dry, and very windy central Texas your bulbs have all emerged.
Surviving the winter in the garden are:

These bulbs have survived one winter, but have yet to bloom.
A.  C. lineare
B.  C. graminicola
C.  C. macowanii

C. variable seedlings have completed two years in the garden.  While they
are winter growing variety, they are growing and appear healthy.  There is
quite a variation in size of the bulbs.

C. lugardiae, 2005 seedlings that have not yet bloomed.

Loss of bulbs here in my soil seems to be caused by rot, probably from
planting bulbs too deep in the ground.

Al Sisk
Near Lexington, TX
Zone 8B

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