Changing zones

Cathy Craig
Mon, 02 Jun 2008 16:31:53 PDT
Hi all,
Several members have been bugging me to post to the list. I apologize for being AWOL for so long. Main problem has been, like Kathy Andersen, I've been in the process of moving out of state for nearly 18 months. Unlike Kathy, I have a business to run and so work 7 days a week at the office. Just when I thought I might retire some day, the workload has doubled in the last two years.
Most of you know I am just a simple dirt gardener. While I have a few precocious potted plants, mostly I grow the plants, both common and not so, that interest me, in the ground.
The prospect of living in zone 7b is very exciting. On the strength of it I have purchased and hauled to AZ several dozens of hardy plants I cannot grow here (in zone 9b-10). And continue to dig plants I'm not leaving behind! Prescott, AZ, where we are headed, is in the exact center of the state. The courthouse square (center of town), is at precisely one mile in elevation. We are 1.5 miles west of there with mountains to the north, west, and south of us. More rocks that I ever saw in all my life. BIG rocks. REALLY big rocks. Maybe millions of years of lichen on them.
I am not sure this topic will find any interest amongst you, but I will check back to see. Keep well, all of you!Cathy Craig
Prez - PBS
Zone 9b (or so)(949) 369-8588 Ofc

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