Marguerite English
Wed, 18 Jun 2008 11:17:22 PDT
   The Colorado trip really appeals to me, and my daughter lived there 
for a while, so I would get a travel companion.  Hmmm!
My only difficulty is growing inability to climb around in the rocks!   
I have tripped over things a couple of times lately, and have a really 
hard time getting up again.  I am trying to keep the weight off I lost 
in May, so I hope that will help.  Anne and I rode the train to Oregon, 
then rented a car.  We really enjoyed the trip.   She has friends to 
visit in Colorado, so we could have a lovely time.  I'll have to wait 
and see how that is going.    I'm glad you had a good time on the Utah 
trip.   Marguerite

Pat Colville wrote:
> Thanks I wrote to her and sent her a copy of the most recent newsletter.  It was taken care of.
> The Penstemon field trip was wonderful.
> Next year is an extended Mexico trip and the following year western Colorado.  I signed up for Mexico as they were taking tentative signups at the meeting.
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> I sent my membership application and check  to Patricia Colville in April and have sent 2 e-mails and have not heard one word.  Are you still accepting memberships?
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