WAS:Amianthium muscaetoxicum, NOW: Melanthium_virginicum etc.

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 19 Jun 2008 09:42:51 PDT
Dear Jay and all,
	Amianthium is just one a number of small genera of native 
Liliaceae. It occurs in southern parts of my state, Missouri, but I 
do not grow it.

	Just last fall I got a plant of Melanthium virginicum a 
somewhat similar prairie ally.


	Some folks give it high praise, but mine has yet to bloom for 
a good comparison.

	Also somewhat similar  plants include Veratrum woodii, with 
darker flowers in a woodland setting ( a slow grower, but excellent 
once established) and Stenanthium gramineum also on my wish list.

	I can't put my finger on Jane's 'Bulbs of NA' for comparison, 
but I am curious how 'bulbous' these actually are. Do they really 
have a bulb of thickened stem bases that are semi-bulbous.

	Regardless, all worth pursuing.		Best		Jim W.

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