Crinum hybrid first flowering

J.E. Shields
Tue, 10 Jun 2008 07:53:03 PDT
Hi Boyce and all,

Those would be the Crinum [bulbispermum roseum X Natal lugardiae] 
seedlings.  Mine are in bloom today for the first time as well, one in a 
large pot and the other in the ground.

Most of the crinums probably love this rainy weather.  Some that might have 
trouble would be desert things and the like, e.g., C. razafindratsiraea, 
which according to Dave Lehmiller grows on steep hillsides.

Best regards,
Jim Shields
in wet central Indiana (USA)

At 09:19 AM 6/10/2008 -0500, Boyce wrote:
>Hi Jim:
>The first two Crinum hybrid seedlings you gave me about 4 years ago have
>come into flower. White funnelform flowers with a pale pink mid-rib.
>I've been out of town so I am not sure when (over the last 4 days) they
>began to flower or if the flowers will change as they age.
>These are the seedlings with the narrower foliage.
>Boyce Tankersley
>Director of Living Plant Documentation
>Chicago Botanic Garden

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