An Iris spuria hybrid

Jim McKenney
Wed, 04 Jun 2008 13:28:12 PDT
Another forum member sent me the url for the Spuria Iris Society (thanks,

On the home page there is a cameo of a spuria iris bloom. The cultivar is
named 'Chocolate Fudge'. I think that's my iris!

Also, I’ve been made aware of an opportunity to visit a garden full of
spuria irises the weekend after next. 

Off topic, but perhaps of interest to those of you who follow weather: a
severe storm just passed over the greater Washington, D.C. area. At least
two tornados touched down, one far to the west of the city and another far
to the east. A third was seen hovering over the town of Manassas, Virginia
but that one did not touch the ground. 

The anemometer at my sister’s home (about a half hour north and west of
here) registered over 70 mph, and in a town near her a gust of over 80 mph
was recorded. Here in the garden, terrific gusts out of the east were
immediately followed by equally terrific gusts from the west. 

We have a monster black oak in the garden which last week, on an utterly
calm night, dropped a gigantic limb on the neighbor’s garage. I kept an eye
on that tree throughout today’s storm: it twisted, bowed and shook but held
its ground. 

Another line of storms is on the way...

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