Bulb Requirements: Hippeastrum

David Maxwell opbungalow@gmail.com
Thu, 26 Jun 2008 12:59:28 PDT
Hi All,

along the lines of bulb requirements (soil, heat, moisture, light) and
experimentation, there was something else I wanted to share & ask the group
with regards to Hippeastrum.

Last fall (November) I bought 3 Hippeastrum (Giraffe, Clown & cybister Lima)
from Amaryllis.com to add to my collection.

As an experiment, I planted them all in one, rectangular, cheapo, $1.00
Store, *plastic* container in 100% (sphagnum) peat moss; no sand, no organic
compost...no-nothing else...and then treated them the same way as the rest
of my Hipps with regards to water & fertilizer.

1.)  Well, Lima immediately started off-setting.

When the first off-set broke ground shortly after the mother-bulb's
leaves began growing, I assumed it was a weed...which I thought was odd
being in 100% sterilized peat.

In the past 8 months it has produced 8 off-sets...all 1" to 3" inches away
from the mother-bulb.  I don't remember any of my other Hipps off-sets
growing so far away from the mother-bulb; most emerge either from the
mother-bulb or right next to it.

2.)  Not only did the Clown send up two 5-flowered & 4-flowered scapes,
which produced so many seeds that for those of you I sent Rhodophiala seeds
to, I also included a packet of Clown x Clown seeds too (just to be rid of
the damn things...so now they're on you), but now the Clown is the largest
Hipp in my collection; leaves 28" x 2.5".

If I hadn't seen it bloom, I would think that maybe I was sent some kind of
Crinum or Agapanthus by mistake.

3.)  And Finally, the Giraffe has sent up another scape and is about to have
a second bloom of the season, which I don't remember any of my other hybrid
Hipps doing before.

The question is;  *Peat...or Heat*?

HEAT:  The first 3 months of these bulb's grown cycle (first-green to
seed-harvest) I had them in my apartment in San Francisco...which although
has light issues 'cuz of its Eastern exposure...it also has *steam radiator

Since it is perpetually winter in San Francisco, even with a thermostate &
timer, the radiator is always on and the bulbs were kept constantly in dry
heat between 73F and 82F.

That's really the only significant difference.

After I harvested the seeds, I moved them to Sacto...and they've been out in
the back yard (open) with all my other Hipps since the beginning of April.

*Would anyone care to venture an answer to the 'Peat...or Heat?' question?*

Lemme know.

This goes for all my PBS group forum entries...if you would prefer to
respond privately...please do.



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