Muscari sp. in BX 174

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 17 Jun 2008 07:09:16 PDT

A note was held today from Tom Mitchell since attachments are not allowed 
on our list. I have resized his picture since it had too many kbs for the 
wiki and have uploaded it in case anyone can help identify it. If so, 
please post to the list.

Mary Sue

From: Tom Mitchell <tom at>

I visited the site where I collected seeds of the Muscari sp.
featuring in BX174 twice earlier this year, once in mid March, when
the plants were just coming into flower, and once in late May, when
seed pods were all that was left. The site is in Istria in north west
Croatia and the attached, rather poor, photo is of the emerging
flowers. I know nothing about this genus. Can anyone suggest a name
for the species? As Dell says in his posting, I also have spare seed
of several Helleborus species, which I'll happily share with anyone
interested in this genus.



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