pbs Digest, Vol 65, Issue 23 the dipthongs "oe" and "ae"

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Sun, 22 Jun 2008 11:01:12 PDT
 Just to add a bit.  This is probably not only a shift in commonplace Latin 
and Greek being transferred to and memorialized in botanic nomenclature and 
church writings, but the result of handwritten manuscripts, poor vision, 
poor lighting, poor printing, poor transportation with  resulting isolation 
of one community from another, but  the lack of any centralized authority to 
appeal to for correction.  It's partly why your 4th grade teacher (U. S. 
residents only?) wanted you to improve your penmanship, and why in some 
schools there was a Spencerian model of the entire alphabet (upper and 
lower-case examples) up in front of the class over the blackboard every day 
of the year.

So we now have an international nomenclatural authority (in science), a 
better-educated populace (viz. this  outstanding group), and we can talk, 
read, and write about this stuff and send it around and marvel at one 
another's repositories of not-so-useful information .  If anybody wants, I 
can even refer any interested parties to a calligrapher who works with 
medieval colors and parchment if need be.    And...some days, this forum  is 
a needed antidote and anodyne to the rest of the world's miseries. Cheers to 
all.   Adam in Glenview, IL  USDA Zone 5a


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