OT: Birds

Judy Glattstein jglatt@hughes.net
Thu, 12 Jun 2008 11:44:42 PDT
This spring a great horned owl had a nest across the creek that 
parallels the road I live on. Very visible before the trees leafed out. 
Apparently they utilize old heron nests. If you go here   May 2008 
<http://bellewood-gardens.com/2008-05.html>   and scroll down to Hooters 
there are some images.

Red tail hawks are common, both black and turkey vultures also common.

Turkeys fewer than in the past - probably coyotes predating on the 
poults. Linc Foster, doyen of rock gardeners, used to curse the turkeys 
at his place in Falls Village, Connecticut. They'd take dust baths, he 
said, and the results were like a tank trap. Having seen what my hens 
would do, back when we kept chickens, I can well imagine.

But the best here in New Jersey was the day I took a path through my 
woods towards the road, came out by the compost heap - and there was a 
peacock, nibbling a flower here, a leaf there . . . He had come visiting 
from a neighbor about half mile up the road. Didn't know how well they 
can fly. Didn't know I'd be seeing one in my garden either.

Judy in New Jersey where we're enjoying one of those rare and perfect 
June days and ruby throat hummingbirds are visiting my nectaroscordum.

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