[SPAM] Not lime. Limestone

Mark Mazer markmazerandfm13@earthlink.net
Thu, 26 Jun 2008 13:43:05 PDT
 I’m experimenting to see if the presence of limestone will make a
>difference in the soil pathogens.

Lime-limestone-CA) can be a microbial stimulant. Through the stimulation of microbial activity by liming-limestoning-CAfying, organic substances such as gums and resins are produced which coat and stabilize soil mineral aggregates. It may promote excessive rates of microbial decomposition, most evident in tropical soils, or potted plants in this subtropical clime.

According to the local farmer currently planting my back forty, increasing the pH (up to 7.0) through the application of lime-limestone-Ca in this subtropical climate helps with decreasing the incidence of fusarium in field cotton production.

Mark Mazer
Hertford, North Carolina

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