Allium pix etc.

James Waddick
Sun, 01 Jun 2008 21:01:22 PDT
Dear Mark,
	Thanks for sharing the pix (I guess-see later).
	Your Allium 'Olympic Fire' is a very distinctive in flower 
form and color. Any more info on this oddity?.

	Allium zebdanense - Glad to see this. One of my favorites 
although quite tiny. It clumps up and does not spread for me.
	Iris 'Lancer' - this is a another beauty. One of the best and 
easiest of the Aril -bred hybrids. They were great here this year and 
need thinning. Trouble is the best time to do this is mid-summer when 
the temps are unbearable. I procrastinate.

	And cruel and unusual punishment to see how lush and glorious 
your I cycloglossa grows.  That's a beauty and I am SO jealous. So 
unlike most all other Juno Iris. It looks like a Dutch Iris on 

	The Allium karataviense 'Red Globe' is awfully nice. Looks 
more refined than I recall and very striking.

	After 10 days away from my garden, things here look out of 
hand already, but the late spring  continues and more in bloom than 
should be now.

	Show us more pictures!		Thanks		Jim W.

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