Pink Anemone Apennina
Fri, 07 Mar 2008 10:53:15 PST
I have a very nice form of Anemone apennina with clear pink flowers 
and beet-red foliage when young.

This plant came to me from the Potterton & Martin nursery in England 
(now Potterton's) about 15 years ago as 'Alba'. 'Alba' is, however, 
universally described as white with a blue flush on the outside of 
the petals, including that currently offered by Potterton's. I do not 
have any record of the catalogue description for the plant I 
received, hence do not know if they described it as pink or as white 
with blue reverse.

A web search, including the current Potterton's website, has revealed 
no pink form of Anemone apennina. It's definitely not a form of 
Anemone blanda masquerading as A. apennina.

It's a very good grower, having survived all these years in the duff 
under an Alberta blue spruce and multiplied reasonably well, though 
it has never flowered profusely. Presumably its growing conditions 
are not conducive to flowering.

Does this excellent little anemone have a cultivar name? Does anyone 
else grow it? Does anyone know its history?

PS: checking my library, I find that Patrick Synge says in "Collins 
Guide to Bulbs" that pink forms are known of Anemone apennina. Roy 
Genders refers to a mauve-pink form, 'purpurea', but mine is a clear 
pink with no trace of mauve to it. Brian Mathew in both "Dwarf Bulbs" 
and "The Smaller Bulbs" refers to "pinkish" forms; there's no -ish 
about mine.

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate

on beautiful Vancouver Island

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