Albuca superfast germinators
Wed, 19 Mar 2008 16:22:29 PDT
Hi Linda,
My zone would be 6 or 7.  Temps rarely get below zero, but usually  drop into 
the single digits at least a couple of times per winter (this  winter has 
been mild, the lowest temps were maybe around 10F briefly).  It  does get colder 
rather quickly as one moves north of here.  This winter has  been rainy with 
brief cold spells, right now it is pouring outside. 
Albuca shawii emerges fairly late, so the biggest danger to it around here  
is me digging them up while planting other things. 
As an indicator of this winters mildness, there are still a few green  leaves 
at the ends of the branches on an Artemesia afra.  Usually it dies  back and 
resprouts from a few inches of stems at the base each  year.  I also imagine 
that the figs in the neighborhood did not die back  this winter, as they will 
during a bad winter (like three years ago, I  think), but it will be some time 
before they leaf out. 
Spring is beginning, with eranthis, iris reticulata, and crocus in  bloom.  A 
daffodil planted against a wall in my school garden in  Chappaqua is about to 
open, rather earlier than others in the area.  Also  against the wall small 
seedlings of the South African tree Leucosidea sericea  are still in full leaf, 
it is remarkably hardy for a woody SA plant. 

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