Eranthis hyemails 'Guinea Gold'

Paul T.
Tue, 18 Mar 2008 13:54:33 PDT
>If so, then to indicate that scenario where all the claimants to the name
>Guinea Gold are grouped, should we write Eranthis hyemalis Tubergenii Group
>Guinea Gold Group?
>Eranthis hyemalis Guinea Gold Group?
>Eranthis Guinea Gold Group?


Does the "aff" tag fit here?  Never quite sure how it is 
applied.  Always think of it as meaning "related to" or "possibly" 
when I see it in naming.  Could Eranthis aff. 'Guinea Gold' be 
applied in this case?

Are many of the 'Guina Gold' that are about coming from seedlings 
from the original?  Given it is a hybrid between species (or not, 
depending on whether they're all hyemalis <grin>) then I would assume 
you'd throw back to both sides, which would give you a whole range of 
different flowers under the one name etc?


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