Clivia 'Vico Yellow'

John Grimshaw
Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:25:40 PDT
Carlo Balistrieri wrote

> John,
> It might be a good idea to hold your opinion of 'Vico Yellow' until you 
> seen more than a first bloom. I don't grow it amongst my other clivia, but 
> I'm sure you know that first blooms can be a bit underwhelming.

My inflorescence of 'Vico Yellow' was by no means the first I've seen - we 
grew it, and a very large number of other yellows at the Sahin seed company 
while I worked there, and although nice enough, I cannot be convinced of 
special qualities in 'Vico Yellow'.

It is curious how these tissue-cultured plants were so slow to flower 
(compared with normal seedling growth), because mine was always (still is) a 
very healthy-looking dark green in the leaf.

My 'favourite Clivia' remains my original painting  by Auriol Batten of the 
type specimen of C. mirabilis, which hangs in my dining room. It needs no 
water and is perpetually in flower, giving constant pleasure.

John Grimshaw

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