Introducing myself

Bill Richardson
Tue, 04 Mar 2008 22:26:09 PST
Hi Juliet,
I" ve just been browsing through the IBS Bulb image gallery and I found the 
viridflora Images, worth looking at. Also have a look at the other Ixia 
images, quite a few species shown here. Ahhh.. such heaven!
Bill Richardson
Victoria, Australia
Autumn  6c to 32c at present
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> Hi there, my name is Juliet and I live ,semi-retired, in a small eastern 
> coastal village north of Auckland, New Zealand. I love most things with 
> roots,but at present my focus is on ixia, as our soil is a very light 
> sandy-loam and I would like to propogate viridiflora as they are very 
> difficult to obtain here in NZ.  I have managed to get some seeds (at 
> cost!) and would appreciate any hints successful growers can give me that 
> will steer away from problems. Cheers!
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