Albucas and other South African Hyacinthaceae

Max Withers
Tue, 25 Mar 2008 11:04:17 PDT
Linda, canada (with a tilde on the "n") is "glen" in Spanish (from the 
Lat. for "reed"), and one might surmise that this meaning entered 
Spanish from late- or neolatin, and that this Albuca (or whatever plant 
was given this name) grows in hollows of some kind; or, potentially, 
among reeds?

Any neolatin experts out there?

Linneaus also named plants canadensis because they were from Canada, so 
he was either inconsistent or confused.

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> I don't understand how Albuca canadensis, syn. Albuca maxima should be named
> canadensis?  Did a Canadian discover it?  Does anyone know the history of
> this particular albuca?  I purchased this seed from Silverhill in 2006, it
> was labeled a. maxima.

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