Colchicum germination

Diane Whitehead
Thu, 06 Mar 2008 20:02:04 PST

I have just read your comment again and understand it differently the  
second time.

I assumed you meant that when seeds of a certain Colchicum species  
germinate, they all do.

But now, I think you meant:  as a result of some unknown environmental  
trigger, many different Colchicum species germinate, no matter how  
many years they've been buried in their seedpots.

If the precipitating factors occur this year, then species A may  
germinate in only two years, but if the constellation of events don't  
occur for another ten years, then maybe species A might take 12 years  
to germinate this time, but not every time.

Am I right in my second interpretation?

Diane Whitehead

  Jane McGary wrote:

>  I've also found that during a given year, most germination
> in this genus takes place almost simultaneously, no matter how many  
> years
> old the seed pots are. Apparently there is some environmental  
> trigger that
> affects many species similarly.

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