Peony Chameleons - problem

Kenneth Hixson
Mon, 17 Mar 2008 19:21:29 PDT
Hi, everyone
	This isn't an area I profess to be an expert
in, but I do have an opinion.  I agree with Jim Waddick,
these names are so similar than I couldn't remember
which is which unless I write down and carry the
distinctions.  And, I'm better educated in horticulture
than most buyers of plants.  If registration doesn't
prevent confusing two distinct plants, why go to
the expense and nuisance of registering plants, and
maintaining a registry?  Let people call their plants
whatever they want, and the names mean whatever they
say they mean.  It's all too close to that already, even
with a registration system.  There are all too many
nurseries that sell "pink tiger" lilies, that are
not pink and have no "tiger" in them, but the seller
hopes to benefit by using a name to which the plants
have no claim.


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