Posts to the list from multiple addresses

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 13 Mar 2008 08:40:40 PDT

Since this list has been hosted by ibiblio the amount of spam addressed to 
it has increased dramatically. As this happens we as administrators 
(Arnold, Diane, and me) have tried to cope with it and so has ibiblio. One 
of the changes that ibiblio is making as of next week is to discard all 
messages that come from addresses not subscribed to the list. In the past 
anyone writing to the list who was not subscribed would get a message 
telling them their note was not delivered since they were not a member of 
the list. Unfortunately the spammers would then send spam to the address 
that sent this message and soon the spam to this address was out of control.

At first we got all these messages delivered to our email addresses too, 
but finally that was too much so they are now held in a place where we can 
look at them. When those messages got to be 100s a day, ibiblio started to 
filter them as well so the number of those we have to look at has recently 
been reduced.  If one of those message came from one of you using an 
additional email address that was not the one you were subscribed under, we 
could help. Now those messages will just be discarded automatically without 
notice. So if you post to the group and you don't see that it appears, 
check first to be sure that you used the same address for the messages you 
receive. If you want to be able to post from multiple addresses you need to 
let Arnold, Diane, and me know. We can add the extra addresses as approved 
addresses where you won't get messages but can send messages to our list. A 
number of you have already given us extra addresses.

Messages from people trying to reach members of this list from the archives 
and looking for help we expect to be discarded automatically too. Diane has 
proposed a way we could still see these messages, but we haven't heard from 
ibiblio back to know if this is an alternative. This change will save us 
time, especially Diane, but will mean that there are people we will no 
longer be able to help. I think back to those early days of the Internet 
when you didn't need a firewall, didn't have to worry about viruses or 
other evil plans to steal your identity and/or wreck your computer, and 
when you didn't receive all kinds of messages you don't want to get.

Mary sue

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