Clivia 'Vico Yellow'

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 05:06:44 PDT
When in Japan in 2001, I received a few hundred seeds from Mr. Nakamura
while visiting his greenhouses, of various Clivia crosses, many selections
attributed to Vico Yellow ( Vico Yellow x Vico Gold, etc.) Many are
beginning to bloom now, but I also had about 5 which had started blooming
two years ago in 1996.

For what it's worth, I have experienced a larger first flowering with many
blossoms over four inches in diameter ( some with slight fragrance, and very
wide). While in more recent flowerings, the blossoms have been much smaller.

Like Jim, I also do not fuss over my plants, so of course, there could be
many other factors. They spend most of their time under the benches in my
cool greenhouse in Massachusetts. Many should be repotted, or fertilized, I
would imagine that Jim's plants are treated better.

If you are interested, many of these Clivia are featured on my blog (
exploraculture.blogspot) under March 2006 - please forgive the horrid
spelling! I'm lucky to get anything posted with my schedule.

This spring, I have about 10 more plants from this lot of Vico parentage (
not T.C.) that are budding for the first time. I will try to photograph and
post the images along with the established bloomers.

Matt Mattus
USDA Zone 5b
Worcester, Massachusetts

On 3/25/08 8:17 AM, "" <> wrote:

> John,
> It might be a good idea to hold your opinion of 'Vico Yellow' until you seen
> more than a first bloom. 

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