Begonia boliviensis and state of scilla

Deborah Jordan
Mon, 03 Mar 2008 11:29:01 PST
Thanks Ken--

I had taken some of the seeds 2/21/08 and done more or less what you suggested with the exception of the lights. I just put them in the windowsill because I do all of my other bulb seeds outside; so don't use my lights much anymore. I did think it would be warm enough to put them outside in brighter conditions once they germinated and started growing. And since you say they will bloom quickly from seed, I'll just go ahead and start those I saved back now. I can't tell what part of the country you are in from your post or email provider, but its nice to know someone else is also growing these this season. Thank you again for your reply!

As far as the state of scilla goes--that one really is all over the map. Scilla peruviana does fine down here and is blooming now. I keep it fairly dry in the summer. The one I'm finding frustrating from the research end, not the growing end, is one that was given to me last fall under the name of Scilla amethystina. The bulbs looked identical to the Hyacinthoides italica in the WIKI. I don't have the greatest reference books for Southern European bulbs either--but I'm leaning towards this ID. It would certainly help if it would grace me with some blooms soon. The books I have by Leeds, Bryan, Ruksans; as well as the WIKI, indicate it should bloom in early spring and seem to best describe the foliage. Ogden has it all over the map in his book with about 5 other names and blooming in early summer which I intuitively feel cannot be right for this far in the deep south. I know this is not a rare plant, maybe not grown much anymore, but certainly not rare. Not sure why its been so frustrating to pin down.

Houston, Texas; cold front just blowing in
blooming here now: Scilla peruviana, Freesia alba, F leichtlinii, F fucata, F refracta, F occidentalis

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