Albuca superfast germinators also albuca hardiness

Linda Foulis
Wed, 19 Mar 2008 20:16:16 PDT
That does help considerably, thank you Ernie.  I'm still amazed it survives
for you there.   And at only an inch below the surface.  Cool!
I wouldn't have dreamt of attempting albuca outside here, but with global
warming and all it may soon be possible.
I have an abundance of a. maxima bulbs, they would be the first attempt.  My
reasoning for attempting this one first is not only because of surplus but
also I believe I could sink it fairly deep in the ground, below the frost
line.  My area is near desert conditions and it would be fairly easy to get
medium conditions close.  I do think I would run into too short a growing
period, we average 112 frost free days.
I haven't tried Galtonia, do you have pictures of yours you could put up on
the wiki?


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