Gladiolus cultivation

Diane Whitehead
Sun, 16 Mar 2008 15:09:48 PDT
Cornucopia II lists two edible Gladiolus, but I don't have enough to  
eat, and besides, I always want the flowers to produce seeds.  I guess  
one could carefully snip the petals and leave the seedmaking parts  

G. dalenii, Khahla-ea-kholo  the anthers are removed and the flowers  
are eaten raw as a salad or used as a potherb.  Children suck the  
copious nectar.

G. italicus, Salepotu   corms are added to ice cream and other dairy  
products as salep is.

Dalenii does grow outside here, and papilio spreads well, but not  
enough to be considered a weed.

Diane Whitehead
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
maritime zone 8, cool Mediterranean climate
mild rainy winters, mild dry summers

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