Eranthis hyemalis Tubergenii Group 'Guinea Gold'

David Victor
Tue, 18 Mar 2008 12:45:27 PDT
Hi Jim,

You raised a question about the term Tubergenii Group.  Its a 
cultivar group name i.e. a superset of cultivars which contains the 
cultivar 'Guinea Gold'.  Someone somewhere has published the name 
Tubergenii Group, together with a description of the range of 
cultivars that it includes. The rules are laid down in the Cultivated Code.

The aim with such a grouping is to pull together plants that have a 
horticultural relationship which are within a Denomination Class (as 
laid down by the Cultivated Code, which is normally a genus), but 
which otherwise may not be a very close botanical relationship.  For 
example, it could be a group of variegated plants or a group of early 
flowering varieties.  However, the groups that are normally chosen 
are close and are often a group of interspecific hybrids.

An appropriate example taken from the Code might be in Iris, the 
Dutch Group, which includes the complex of early flowering cultivars 
arising mainly from I. tingitana, I. xiphium var. lusitanica and I 
xiphium var. praecox.

Incidentally, one useful feature of such Groups for horticultural 
purposes is that a particular cultivar can be in more than one group, 
depending on the need of the author.

Best regards,
David Victor 

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