What's going on here?

Tony Avent tony@plantdelights.com
Tue, 04 Mar 2008 09:33:55 PST

Perhaps our participants from the Netherlands can offer a better 
explanation, but many of the Dutch auction houses have closed and the 
others have been consolidated.  It's my understanding that all plants 
used to have to be run through the auction houses.  This is no longer 
the case.  That's about all the details that I remember.

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James Waddick wrote:
>> My guess is that with the re-organization of the Dutch auction houses,
> Dear Tony,
> 	Wait. What's this all about?  Explain the reorganization of 
> Dutch auction houses.... please.
> 	I have had about 6 or 7 off - list responses to this topic - 
> mostly asking for the name of wholesaler. Lots of references to 
> source info on these genera and species. Very kind, thanks.
> 	Still not quite sure what is behind this influx of uncommon 
> (and not very commercial)  bulbs into a wholesale listing.
> 	I do like the fact that it introduces rarities to a wider 
> audience.Even so the full offering of Dutch wholesale lists do not 
> come close to the limited offerings of most US bulb dealers - even 
> those with Dutch partners.
> 	Best from Jim W. (back into the deep freeze, but the sunny 
> version these days.)

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