Wiki Additions- Hepatica, Narcissus, Leptoceras

Jim McKenney
Thu, 13 Mar 2008 10:10:49 PDT
Thanks for the heads-up on the new wiki additions, Mary Sue. And good
timing, too: Hepatic nobilis and Narcissus jonquilla henriquesii are both
blooming today in my Maryland garden. Leucojum vernum came into bloom today
- here it's always much later than the early snowdrops.  

I have just come in from the garden after a morning of "counting my
chickens". It's a real pleasure to see so many flower buds pushing up beside
so many labels with the names of longed-for plants. 

Out in the open garden we're in the Crocus vernus cultivar/reticulate
iris/early squill/earliest daffodil/garden hellebore stage. In the cold
frames it's a different world with lots of frits showing buds, hoop
petticoat daffodils in variety and others too numerous to list. 

Lots of Viola odorata are blooming now - that makes it easy to linger in the
garden; and winter honeysuckle sweetens the air now, too.  

Buxus sempervirens 'Vardar Valley' is in bloom.

Bird song increases daily, but I have not heard a peeper or wood frog yet
(although I'll bet the wood frogs have already spawned at least once
already). A little red back salamander in the black phase appeared on the
front porch the other day. And several enormous Vs of geese have gone over
lately headed north. And barred owls kick up a ruckus every night. 

Things are popping!

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where Magnolia stellata is
beginning to bloom. 
My Virtual Maryland Garden
Webmaster Potomac Valley Chapter, NARGS 
Editor PVC Bulletin 
Webmaster Potomac Lily Society

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