With sad regret

David Fenwick Snr. crocosmia@blueyonder.co.uk
Sat, 15 Mar 2008 21:45:11 PDT
Dear All, and especially to those, and friends around the world that know 

Firstly I would like to say I am OK and in great spirits, and I apologise 
for not contributing of late but the last few years have not

been good, and a few of you, members of the PBS or IBS will know this, 
probably more, as I know how word of mouth

spreads in confined circles. However, this mail is to let everyone know what 
my circumstances are exactly and to dispel any


Those who do not know me may be aware of my website "The African Garden", 
http://www.theafricangarden.com/, and here I must

state that the site will continue to provide information and images on/of 
South African Bulbs; but in the future will be sponsored

by Trecanna Nurseries (Cornwall, UK), http://www.trecanna.co.uk/, who specialise in 
Crocosmia and Eucomis; and by Cameron and

Rhoda McMaster, http://www.africanbulbs.com/, and I consider to be privileged to be 
their webmaster and web designer. My

arrangement with these people is not one of profit but a way of keeping the 
site on the web for the continuing provision of

information. However, it will sadly and no longer be dedicated to my garden; 
but dedicated to the culture, the photography and

the marketing of South African Bulbs in general. Hence, where to obtain 
them, how to grow them, and how to see them growing

in the wild, and I'd think you'd all agree that this will be of benefit to 
you all. Obviously the nature of the site will change but the

site will continue to provide both accurate images and information in a 
somewhat basic and honest style some of you have come

to expect from me.

Sadly I am now able to publicly state that I have had to give up all 5 of my 
NCCPG National Plant Collections of South African

Bulbs in recent months. For those of you who do not know me or are 
unfamiliar with my name the genera I collected include,

Crocosmia with Chasmanthe, Tulbaghia, Amaryllis (genus and intergeneric 
hybrids), Eucomis with Galtonia and Freesia

(Anomatheca Group). The reason for giving up these collections is due to 
arthritis as I have it in both my  knees and my hands.

My doctor has stated this is primarily due to my career as I have been a 
professional horticulturalist for over 25 years, I am now

42. Yes, it was a hard decision to make but you kind of know when you 
physically have to make a change for the better in the

UK climate, and it was taken with a lot of thought for my future health and 
yes, health has to come first. I'm afraid it is the

cultivation aspects of keeping the collections that hinder me, but of course 
you don't give up being am ambassador for South

African Bulbs that easily, and like I have always done, I will continue to 
advise those with a similar interest, and businesses, in

our pursuit and continue to be an ambassador for our hobby, which to some, 
like me, has become / became somewhat of an


Very sadly I must also add that my wife Colleen and I are in the process of 
divorce and I will, in the next few weeks be moving

away, and to a house where there is little garden, but I am not worried 
about this, it is kind of a refreshing change. I must add,

this happened after my decision to give up my collections, our relationship 
had not been good for a number of years. I must

also add that all my important bulbs have been given very good homes and 
will continue to increase the diversity of bulbs held in

cultivation through the NCCPG Plant Cultivation Scheme here in the UK, 
although I must add the Tulbaghia collection has been

sold in its entirety, to a commercial nursery in Holland, but this nursery 
will continue both research and the development of this up

and coming genus. I must also add that the Amaryllis collection has been 
sold in its entirety to Andrew Houghton, UK collection

holder of the genus Hippeastrum, and I am absolutely sure it cannot be in 
better hands (Bill W., if your reading this, I am

keeping one of your bulbs though).

This only leaves me to thanks all those who have helped me develop my bulb 
collections and be mentors over the years, the list

of people is obviously endless but if I could be permitted to name a few I 
would add the following and I am truly very sorry if

your name is not included.

Jim Lykos, Dirk Wallace, Dash and Rob (Australia); Bill and David (NZ); 
Rhoda and Cameron McMaster, Rod and Rachel

Saunders, Jaco and Dawie (South Africa); Dr. John Grimshaw, Dr. Marion Wood, 
Diane Rowe, Harry Hay, Dick Fulcher and

especially Pete Wallin and Bill Simpson (UK); Dr. Canio Vosa (Italy), 
Lindsay Bolden (Barbados); John Bryan, Karl King, Bill

the Bulb Barron of Carmel, Roy Sachs, Mary Sue Ittner, Cathy and Diane, and 
because he's as mad as myself Tony Avent, and

because I also want several tee-shirts from him and I like his style (USA); 
and to, in my opinion the best commercial bulb grower in Europe,

perhaps the world, (Lauw de Jager of France), for producing some of the best 
bulbs I have ever seen. But with great sadness I

have to add Les Hannibal, Dr. Jack Elliott and Terry Jones of Zeal 
Monochorum, and my dad to this list.

I'll be around in the background but I just wanted to update you all on what's 
happening and to formally thank certain individuals

for their help.

Thank you.

Dave Fenwick

David Fenwick Snr.
The African Garden
96 Wasdale Gardens,
Estover, Plymouth, Devon. England.
Tel:  44 (0)1752 301402

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