Colchicum germination

Debbie TT
Wed, 05 Mar 2008 18:26:38 PST

Now there's dedication! For me, I usually give up after a few years, mix the 
soil into some containers to plant in. That's when they germinate. I have a 
container full of Iris that I am trying to remember which batch I tossed 
into it.  When they flower, hopefully then I can identify them.


Debbie TT
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From: "Diane Whitehead" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 2:09 PM
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Subject: [pbs] Colchicum germination

> I received various Colchicum seeds from the Alpine Garden Society 1999
> exchange, and sowed them with a spoonful of soilless mix into small
> ziplock bags as soon as they arrived, in February 2000. They have been
> kept in an unheated greenhouse that never freezes, and never gets very
> hot.
> C pusillum germinated in September 2002 - 2 years 7 months
> C. 'Lilac Wonder' and C. corsicum germinated in February 2004 - 4 years
> Today, 1 seed of C. autumnale MESE 302 (from an AGS expedition to
> Greece in 1999) germinated - 8 years 1 month
> There are still 12 seeds not yet germinated.
> The final species, bornmuelleri, has not germinated yet.  Its 7 seeds
> are still sound.
> When the autumnale finally blooms, it will probably look exactly like
> the ones sold in bulb bins every fall.  Ah well.  It will have a story
> to make it special.
> Diane Whitehead

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