old seeds

piaba piabinha@yahoo.com
Fri, 28 Mar 2008 14:03:36 PDT

i wouldn't try this, but i read that some scientists a
few years ago germinated seed from a magnolia tree,
that was a few thousand years old (the seeds, that
is).  so yes, some seeds do maitain amazing viability.
>    I found a package of seeds, including some old BX
> seeds, while 
> cleaning this winter, and decided to try some of
> them before I threw 
> them out.  Good thing!      I planted 5 pkts of
> Romulea species and 2 of 
> Lachenalia from BX 5, sent in August, 2002.   They
> all germinated and I 
> have full pots of small seedlings growing strongly. 
>   I was amazed at 
> the excellent germination rate from seeds so old.   
> What a miracle 
> geophyte seeds are!     Now to try the remainder.  

tsuh yang

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