Cyclamen bloom sequence

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 14 Mar 2008 19:05:52 PDT
I didn't mean to imply that Cyclamen coum usually rots for me. It was just 
that one plant that bloomed so long in the past that died. I actually have 
C. coum coming up all over the garden. The most surprising one in growing 
in a very deep pot in a raised bed with a Brunsvigia where it gets full sun 
and has been blooming reliably for a long time in winter for several years 
even though the Brunsvigia has yet to bloom.

I'm don't think C. purpurascens is as happy here as the other species. I 
only was successful in germinating two from a batch of seed and several 
years they have developed spider mites. I water them in summer, but expose 
them to the elements in winter so I don't think it's excessive water in 
winter that does them in. I expect they would get too dry in summer in my 
garden. I repotted them last year mid summer and they responded well to 
that. I think it helped with the spider mite infestation to start over with 
new soil.

I've not had much success with C. rohlfsianum, but I have a number of 
Cyclamen persicum that I expect to be blooming size this year.

Mary Sue

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