Sleeping Beauties from South America

Mark Mazer
Wed, 12 Mar 2008 17:24:26 PDT
>This strategy worked; the Beauverdia soon came back to life and has 
>thriven to this day, though flowers remain few.
>This last week I was making the rounds of the coldframes and observed 
>two other Iphieon-ish bulbs showed only a very few grassy leaves. 
>These were seedlings of Ipheion 'Alberto Castillo'

I recently moved potted Beauverdia 7 hundred or so miles southward from Connecticut to North Carolina, keep them to the same minimum winter temperature, but the bloom and vigor is significantly better here in NC. I think they may prefer the higher summer temps, or are responding to the better quality light.

Ipheion 'Alberto Cstillo' is just going over in the greenhouse, but in the landscape, they have been in bloom for several weeks now.  Will these become weedy in northeast NC?

Mark Mazer
Hertford, Norrth Carolina, USA
Zone 7b-8, I think

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