Albuca superfast germinators also albuca hardiness

Linda Foulis
Wed, 19 Mar 2008 18:31:28 PDT
Thank you Ernie, can you give me some more details?  How deep do you have it
planted and how is it sited?  Against the house, out in the open garden?
Did you do anything special to the medium it's planted in?
I am always one to attempt to push the limits and zone 6 or 7 is not that
far off my zone 3.  Ha ha!  Not bulbous, but delosperma aff. congestum (just
repeating what was written on the seed pack) survived in the open rock
garden this past winter.  Our lowest temp this past winter was -49C or -56F,
but we had a good 6 - 8 inches of snow cover.

I've found albuca to be quite speedy in germination as well.  I've had
excellent results with Silverhill seed and my collection (obsession) now
includes a. altissima, a. angolensis,
a. aurea, a. batteniana, a. clanwilliamgloria, a. cooperi, a. echinosperma,
a. fastigiata, a. flaccida ?, a. glauca, a. humilis, a. juncifolia, a.
maxima, a. nelsoni, a. rupestris, a. schonlandii,
a. setosa, a. shawii, a. spiralis, and a. thrichophylla (this last one is a
name change isn't it?)  A couple more with just numbers for names
(Silverhill), and a couple more new ones from the Seed Ex's this year.  I
also got an hippeastrum elwesii that I would bet a buck is an albuca as

Debbie there is nothing wrong with obtaining because you like the name,
that's what got me in to Albuca in the first place.

Zone 3
Okotoks, AB   Canada

Tarda tulips are up but not even close to blooming, allium obliquum looks
like it is going to be stellar this year judging by the growth so far.

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