Tecophilea cyanocrocus

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Sat, 15 Mar 2008 12:08:26 PDT
Hello Jim, and others .  I don't know this plant, but given the fact that 
you had problems pollinating it last year, I'd do it again this year, using 
new pollen on an old flower and vs.vs, to take advantage of any built-in 
discrepancy that would ordinarily foil self-pollination.  If it doesn't work 
again this year, I'd try a 1% solution of 2-4D  into the center of the 
flower as an assist (which can work with other difficult plants).  Another 
gimmick is a .01% sol'n of boric acid, yes, that's very weak, delivered to 
the stigma, or one's own saliva as a moistening agent.  All three methods 
have their adherents in the lore of hybridizers.  Only one published article 
about 50 yrs. ago, which I can't designate for you or steer you to. 

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