Begonia boliviensis

Kenneth Hixson
Sun, 02 Mar 2008 09:51:44 PST
Hi, Deborah
	I'm not an expert on Begonias, but I did plant
a few seeds of B. boliviensis about the first of January
under a flourescent light fixture.  Begonia seed is very
small, and slow to get started.  They mostly need to be
kept warm--about 70-75F, and moist.  Drying out is fatal
until they've reached the tuber formation size. My
seedlings now have one or two leaves about 3/16" across,
and now will start to grow faster.  They should flower
by mid-summer here.
	B. boliviensis is fairly hardy, and can be left
in the ground to about Zone 7 or 7b.  Not totally dry,
just not soggy wet when dormant.  I haven't tried digging
it and keeping it indoors in winter, but would treat
it like tuberous begonias.

	Someone else may have better suggestions.


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