BX 162

Dennis Szeszko dszeszko@gmail.com
Wed, 12 Mar 2008 13:05:55 PDT

I will do my best to source seeds of both of these plants for you, but it
will not be until September.  I have a few corms of Milla magnifica that I
will be planting in the next few weeks and with some luck they will produce
copious seed.  The other plant that I tentatively have identified as a
Rhodochiton species is growing in my greenhouse and will likely produce
seed, as well.  A botanist was going to confirm the identify of this plant
for me and l will be pass along the information to the PBS listserv.

The other seed that I offered of Tigridia aff. mortonii in BX 162 has been
confirmed by a Tigridia specialist as, indeed, being this species.  This is
a true botanical oddity and the first time that this plant has been
collected in over 85 years.   I hope that people who received seeds of this
species have luck in growing it to flowering size.  It is the only known
Tigridia species with red flowers.  (Tigridia pavonia has some selected
clones that are red, but in nature it is never this color.)

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> Dear All,
> This is an attempt to source one or two of the plants offered as seed at
> the
> end of 2007 in the BX 162, especially a Rhodochiton ? species from Mexico
> and
> perhaps Milla magnifica. I contacted the donor of the seed but he had no
> leftovers neither. I am very interested in these plants and wonder if
> someone
> might have just a few seeds left or if someone would be happy to harvest
> seeds
> for me from plants grown from the BX 162 seeds, especially the
> Rhodochiton. I
> am happy to cover all expenses. I very much hope you do not mind me trying
> in
> this rather unusual way.
> With many thanks and greetings from spring in northern Germany, Uli

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