Albucas and other South African Hyacinthaceae

Linda Foulis
Tue, 25 Mar 2008 13:32:25 PDT
Thank you Max and Luc,

When I googled canadensis it came back with - canadensis is a New Latin term
meaning of Canada which is used in taxonomy to denote species which are
indigenous to, or are strongly associated with Canada.  j
Parts of what is now Canada were being referred to as Canada as early as
1545, which surprised me, I had thought that Linnaeus possibly predated the
name Canada.

Obviously never thought to search beyond that and to find another meaning
for canada.  Your explanation makes sense though as albuca canadensis
(maxima) is quite reed like in its growth.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to
explain this or not, the foliage when it starts to grow is tubular and
hollow.  Each new leaf that grows comes out on the outside of this first
tube encircling it.  It grows up about a foot and then unfurls to flat and
grass like.  I've yet to see bloom but I can imagine that it would come from
the centre of this tube.

Very curious and interesting.


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